Car Park Management

Flashpark, the brand name of Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd, can and will manage any car park in the United Kingdom and at no cost to you, the owner. Our new online car park management software is available directly to you, the end user, thereby allowing you to regain control of your own parking areas.

This is easily done by setting up an account with us and ordering our warning notices that are specially designed to suit exactly your own parking rules and regulations. All that is next required is for you to display these in easily seen places in and around your car park.

The warning notices have two functions

  • To deter unauthorised parking
  • To ensure authorised users park responsibly and in correct locations

Flashpark boasts a long and successful track record going back now several decades in the arena of parking control. The media, exemplified by BBC and ITV news programmes, do call us to account whenever anything to do with car park management and parking enforcement issues become hot news topics; some of these interviews can be heard and seen on the videos of the Flashpark website’s press section.

All street parking in the United Kingdom can be controlled in two ways:

  • Using traffic control equipment
  • Displaying parking charge notices

The Freedom Act 2012 is about to ban both wheel clamping and towing cars away from private land. For more information on this do visit the appropriate part of the Home Office’s website on our link below.

The announcement of the forthcoming wheel clamping ban in August 2010 had left landlords seeking alternative car park management solutions that were still legal. Flashpark is especially designed to serve small and large car parking areas that encounter a wide range of parking problems.

Our online facility allows landlords to take digital pictures of offending vehicles and upload them directly onto our website. This done, we take fast action to identify the registered owners via our license to have access to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). We then serve the person concerned a parking charge notice. For example, a car reported to us on a weekday results in the registered owner receiving the resulting charge notification only two days later.

Our service is free to use and allows you, the proprietor, to withdraw a charge notice; this ensures parking offenders can be given a second chance, at your discretion only. Our customer support team is pleased to resolve all matters arising.

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