Car Park Management

We offer a variety of services based on the location and size of the site. We would first carry out a survey to provide the best car park management solution. The results of the survey will provide a report to include the type of pay and display machines, the number required, together with health and safety aspects including security lighting and layout. Call our parking management team on 0800 096 5757 to book your survey. parking enforcement

Self Ticketing

Many car parks that have pay and display machines may only need a system to enforce their parking regulations which can be done in house. We are happy to provide this service alone i.e. custom warning signs, a book of tickets together with the waterproof sleeve. Once an offender is identified simply complete the ticket attaching one to the vehicle and send us the duplicate copy for us to enforce. This method leaves you the owner in control. To make the service more attractive, the charge can easily be revoked by you the client at a later stage, this way only genuine offenders are penalised.

Flash Park

FlashPark is an electronic form of ticketing where evidence of a parking offence is reported online. A digital photo is required as evidence. There is no charge for the service which is funded by the charges we pursue. FlashPark has been an outstanding success and is currently in use by over 1200 business and residential properties to solve and manage a wide range of parking problems. A charge can be revoked online when you create an account. FlashPark has a link to the police stolen vehicle register so that stolen vehicle is immediately identified by using HPI database to validate registration numbers.

Wheel Clamping

We offer two types of clamping service the first is where you contact us with details of an offender, we then dispatch a car clamper patrol unit to take action. The other method is where our unit makes unprogramed visits during the week. We would require authorised vehicles to have a means of identification and our parking permits and holders are available to purchase anytime from our shopping cart Parking permits and holders. All our operators have licences issued by the Security Industry Authority. Our clamping units are clearly marked and all clampers carry ID and wear a standard security uniform.

Parking Permits

If you are looking to manage your own site we can assist by providing you with the latest Parking permits and holders. These are available so that illegal parking is easy identified. All our parking permits are embossed with holograms, this prevents any misuse by photocopying. Permits can be ordered with or without holder (semi-circle shape clear holder). If required an expiry date, location, and a company logo can be printed on the parking permit at no extra charge. We also supply a range of customised warning notices that warn drivers the charge for non-compliance of the parking regulations.

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